I had underestimated my Article

January 7, 2009

Today I checked my email and I found a mail from Victor.  I was very surprised because he actually told me that my article was one of the best in IDEAS ’09.  He wrote this:

Hola Karin,

Primero felicitaciones pues habian muchos artuculos de buen nivel y solo los mejores fueron aceptados. Inclusos varios papers de nivel de doctorado españa no fueron aceptados……

In fact I’m really happy, I think I’m the first Computer Engineer student  from the UTAL who got an article accepted in a international conference.

Good for me!

I hope the next generations will publish their thesis topics in conferences as I did.

Utalinos: the force is with us!



  1. I am so proud of you! I love you!!

  2. I am so glad, so proud!!! This news are amazing and make me one big smile today!!!

    good for you & your family & your BF.

    my best wishes!

    my friend!

  3. Felicitaciones!!!!
    Que bueno que sea un buen año para ti.
    Hartos abrazos, “Hormiguita Mega-Ingeniera”

  4. I’ve actually read this when you originally published it but I didn’t want to write anything ’cause it was too late and I was so sleepy xD. Therefore, let me congratulate you for this great achievement =)


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  6. итак: спасибо!!

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