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Bye bye 2008… welcome 2009

January 1, 2009

This year have been one of the greatest years of my life.

First of all, this year was my last year as a student. I ended my Thesis(at last) and  everything was as I expected, also I wrote an article for IDEAS’09 and surprisingly(for me) the article was accepted as a short paper(thanks to Victor who helped me a lot!).

last review of the conclusion and future work 1

Second, Francisco went to Dresden Germany for a year to study computer science in the Technische Universität Dresden. I’m not going to lie, I miss him so much but in the end is good for him. I hope he enjoys every day as I did when I was in Berlin. I will be waiting at the airport when he arrives next year 😀

Third, I graduate as a Computer Engineer in november, I had the honor of making the final speach and I had the chance to seeing for the last time my good friend claudio(at least in Chile). It was a great day but I really missed Francisco.

Hey! I'm looking for a job

Fourth, I got a job.

Bye bye 2008 … welcome 2009.


Christmas and other stuff

December 25, 2008

I have to admint, this christmas was very strange. First of all Francisco was in Dresden, i didn’t get any present in the christmas tree and florencia didn’t like her santa’s costume. Was  like a total parallel universe.

On the other hand I been notified my article was accepted in the conference IDEAS’09 as a short paper. I guess that’s my christmas gift althought i’m still waiting for a phone call…a really important phone call…

Here I’m getting a few pictures I took:

My Geek Christmas Tree

My geek christmas tree

Florencia in her santa’s costume

Florencia in her santa's costume

Florencia and her christmas gift

Florencia and her christmas gift

Tux the linux penguin, my gift to my brother

Tux the Linux Penguin


Simplemente francisco

March 3, 2006

Bueno estas fotitos son de mi amorcito lindo están todas tomadas aquí en alemania
sale mas lindo en las fotos, bueno posteen y saludos a todos
miles de besitos para mi kukito


Les presento a Ulli

March 1, 2006

Este es Ulli, es mi nueva compaöia aqui en Berlin es un regalito del kuki es mas lindo es tan tiernito si basta mirarle su carita, aquí les dejo fotos para que lo conozcan

En el aeropuerto de Barcelona bajando del avión

En el Puerto olímpico Barcelona

En la playa Barcelona

En Easy Jet durmiendo con el kuki

La envidia de muchos


Karin y Francisco

February 24, 2006

Estan son las fotos de mi ultimo día con el kuki en Alemania, no quiero escribir nada mas solo dejare las fotitos para que posteen, a la vuelta posteo las fotos de Barcelona